“In late 2016, the band Propagandhi tweeted, “What if Joan Jett was in Baroness?” along with a link to the Bandcamp page for Blood People.  The observation was an astute one: The Chicago quartet are helmed by bruising vocalist Aly Jados, and specialize in metallic stoner-sludge infused with punk rock’s nimble velocity.  Spin the band’s L7 reminiscent 2016 self-titled EP, and prepare to have your face melted.” 

Alternative Press 

“I fuckin loved it.  I always find bands on this that I haven’t heard before, and this is my top pick for bands I haven’t heard yet that is also now my new favorite band.”

“I’ve noticed a huge comeback in grunge like bands recently and a lot of them are missing the point and Blood People is not missing the point, they are spot on.”

“A mix of the Distillers, Queens of the Stone Age and L7. Stoner-Sludge mixed with Punk Rock and Riot Girl”

“The singer just fucking brings it and it’s spot on and they fucking bring it live.”

Friskie Morris Sessions Podcast - Album Review Roundtable.  Guest panelists Kyle Bak of Double Feature and Ian Tomele of Voice of Addiction/Wrecking Ball Productions

“Blood People is a band you need to know… truly one of the best independent bands in Chicago right now.”  

James VanOsdol
Car Con Carne Podcast

Featured Artist/Guest Demo312


02.05.17- Interview Special